Product empties: part 1

Hey guys! First of all, I can’t believe I actually reached 500 followers on this blog. Thank you all so much for following me. Today I will be talking about some products I’ve recently used up and briefly give my opinion on them. I decided to divide the products into two posts, as I have a few products and I don’t want to make it super long, so this part is about haircare and makeup and the next one will be skincare. Anyways, let’s dive into it!


  • L’Oréal colorista blue washout. I did a blogpost about this here. I currently have washed my hair around 5 times I think, I tried to not wash it too much as I loved it so much. But I’ve grown tired of it already, and now I can’t wait for it to wash out. There is still some blue left in there, but it is more a greyish blue currently. Nonetheless, this product worked really well for me (probably because I had white hair to apply it on) but I would recommend using two bottles or more if you have longer hair.
  • Amika dry shampoo. This was a travel size bottle that I bought sometime last year. I had never actually used dry shampoo up until then because I was always so scared for the white cast that some dry shampoos leave behind, but a friend of mine recommended this to me. It was expensive, but I will be repurchasing this, as it definitely was a very good product
  • Yes To Coconut conditioner. I did a blogpost about this here. This is by far one of my favorite conditioners ever. However, they don’t seem to sell them anymore where I used to get them, so I’m currently on the hunt for new good hair products. So if you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comments.
  • Aussie conditioner. As my conditioner was empty and I couldn’t find it anymore, I decided to give this brand a try as I’ve heard many good things about them. This also was a very good conditioner. However, I did run out of it fairly quickly and again, they stopped selling it where I got it. So bummer number 2.
  • L’Oréal silver shampoo. I finally finished this bottle, phew. That took me ages. I got this bottle about 2 years ago I think, and only now is it empty. This silver shampoo is definitely okay, however not the best I’ve tried. I did repurchase it though because it works.



  • This is kind of pathetic I guess, but the Benefit Precisely, my brow pencil is so far the only makeup product I’ve used up completely. I’m not sure I would repurchase this however as I ran out of it really quick and my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz is just way more pigmented.


These were my empties regarding hair care and makeup. Have you tried any of these products? Or which products have you recently used up?



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