L’Oréal Pure Clay gel face wash

Hey guys! Sorry for not updating for so long, but I just have been overwhelmed with everything I have to do. I’m trying my best to combine everything, but so far it’s not working very well. Anyways, I do have some new products ready to review for you, and one of them is the recently launched L’Oréal pure clay gel face wash. I had already bought the clay masks, which I reviewed here, but this was something new in that range so I had to pick up one to try out. Anyways, let’s get to the review!

First impressions/introducing the product

Even though I was not much of a fan of the clay masks, I decided to still buy one of these as I am always on the lookout for new products to try. I got the tube with green clay (there is also a red one) for around 8€, which in my eyes is a nice price for a face wash.

2-5823Same as with the face masks, these clay gel face washes contain 3 different types of clay, and the green one also contains eucalyptus. It is said to be suitable for all skin types (I currently have dry, sensitive skin), and the ingredient list does not contain alcohol. However, there is fragrance in there, so for those of you who are allergic/sensitive to perfume/fragrance, skip this.


Even though it says on the front to be a mild cleanser, in the back it claims to be intensely purifying, which in my opinion contradicts the first claim as I find that mild cleansers are not intensely cleansing (because then it would be “deep” cleansing, right?). It further claims to remove impurities and excess sebum to make the skin breathe and make it look healthy/beautiful day by day, and to not dry out your skin.

Experience with the product

I immediately put it to the test 1-5830when I got home of course. It has a weird texture. It is indeed gel-like but it also reminds me of a face-mask texture. I was scared that it would not be easy to work with, but as soon as it gets mixed with water it turns into a watery gel-like consistency.

I do feel like it cleans the skin and removes any excess dirt. However, it does not feel “intensely” purifying to me. It does the job, but there are other products out there that do a way better job in my opinion.

L’Oréal claims this product will remove excess sebum and will not dry out your skin, and that it is suitable for all skin types, but I honestly feel like that is not true at all. I have dry skin, so it should work according to them. However, it dries out my face tremendously. As soon as I’m done cleansing I have to put anything hydrating on top immediately because my face just feels so incredibly tight afterwards, which is not something I want in a cleanser. 1-5833

Overall conclusion

I don’t really like this product. This whole “pure clay” line from L’Oréal just doesn’t seem to agree with my skin. This cleanser in particular dries out my skin tremendously and even though it does the job, there are cleansers on the market I’m more fond of.

In short, I will not be buying this product again, and I also do not recommend this.



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6 thoughts on “L’Oréal Pure Clay gel face wash

  1. hudapervez says:

    I’ve heard so many great things about this product but it’s good to see another point of view. I have dry skin so i don’t know how this will work on my skin! Anyways great review 😀

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