The Body Shop fresh nude foundation

Hello beauties! I have a foundation to share with you today. I’ve been testing this one out for a while now, and I feel like I can give you an extensive opinion about this product. Today’s product is The Body Shop Fresh nude foundation.


I originally went into The Body Shop a couple of weeks ago after seeing Tati’s (Glamlifeguru on Youtube) review on a few of their products. I had never tried out makeup from them before, so I thought I’d try out their foundation as Tati seemed to be happy with it. So I went ahead and bought the Fresh nude foundation in the lightest shade, 010 Chelsea Porcelain for around 20€ if I remember correctly, for 30 ml.

Product description

The product has an SPF of 15. On the back it also says that it has a nude glow finish (skinlike finish), and 24h fresh moisture. It is enriched with English Rosewater and Aloe Vera, suitable for vegans and suitable for all skin types, thus sensitive skin included.


Concerning the coverage of this foundation, it is definitely skinlike, as it is a very lightweight foundation that mostly works on evening out your skin tone, and does not really provide much coverage. You can create a bit more coverage by using a beauty blender (dabbing motion) compared to a brush, which will give you some light coverage.

I took a picture to show you how my skin discoloration still pops out after one or even two layers of foundation. It almost looks like I have no foundation on, even though I did actually have it on. Note that I did dramatize the photo just a little, to make the discoloration visible.



This foundation stays put all day with some setting spray for me. However, it tends to separate a little by the end of the day on my chin, but that’s the only ‘problem’ area I would say. Nonetheless, it is not very noticeable as you can barely see the foundation on your skin, so if you don’t know you won’t see it, so it does not bother me that much.

It does not dry out your skin over the hours you’re wearing it, which I think is meant by the 24h-moisture claim. I really like this as I currently am struggling with dry skin, so matte finishes tend to dry out my skin even more. It does also not stick to dry patches.



I really like this foundation and I think I will be wearing it a lot in summer or when I need some lighter coverage. It stays put all day, except for the separation on my chin. Further, it does not stick to dry patches and does not dry out my skin even more.

Would I recommend/repurchase?

Yes and yes. If you have sensitive skin, are looking for products suitable for vegans, or looking for a skin-like foundation that does not try out, I do recommend trying this product.


Have you tried this product? If so, what is your opinion?



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