W7 Cosmetics Bronze & Glow

If you’re like me, spending a bit more on good makeup or skincare products is definitely not out of the question. However, I do like to test out affordable makeup and skincare as well, as I feel like they often get the job done as good as their more expensive counterparts. One of my favorite budgetproof brands is w7 cosmetics, a UK brand. So when I saw they had this bronze & glow palette, inspired by Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze & Glow palette I knew I just had to try it. I’ve had it in my makeup bag for a while now but I never really tried it out until now. 1-6012


The packaging is very simple, not sophisticated at all, but it is very solid and will not break easy, so your product is safe in there. The brown looks kind of cheap to me though, but I don’t really mind as long as the product inside is okay. There is also a little mirror on the inside, I don’t know why they put it there because you can literally not use it for anything as it is so small. I’d rather have a full-sized mirror or no mirror at all, but I guess that’s just preference.1-5996


The product itself is quite nice. The bronzer is not too warm-toned making it perfect for lighter skin tones like mine, as it will not turn out orange on my face. In my opinion, this bronzer is only for the light skin-toned people amongst us as it is quite light. The highlight in this palette is absolutely stunning. It’s not glittery, but more shimmery which I honestly prefer to those pure glitter highlighters.

Both bronzer and highlighter swatched very beautifully, even though the highlighter was hard to get on picture. Nonetheless, both seemed very pigmented, opaque en not overly chalky.


But when I started putting it on my face, the bronzer didn’t really do anything. You could barely see I applied any. I had to go in with a heavy hand to get it somewhat visible on my skin, which is not really something I’d like. It might just be that I needed to use a different, denser brush to make it show up nicely – I used my Ecotools blush and bronzer brush for applying this. The highlighter, however, did show up really nicely and was really beautiful on my skin, even with a light hand.


Whereas I do really like this product, color-wise and price-wise, I would have loved for the bronzer to show up on my skin more. That’s the only problem I have with this product. The highlighter is perfectly fine, pigmented, and really beautiful. However, I do feel like they need to either make more colors, so that darker skintones can also use this product, as these shades, especially the bronzer, will be too light for even those with olive skin tones.

Nonetheless, if you like affordable options, I do recommend to check out w7 cosmetics and this product as well.

Have you tried this product or brand? If so, what did you think of it? Let me know in the comments.



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