What I take to the beach: Essentials

Hello everyone! With summer around the corner, I know many of us are thinking about the warmer weather and the days off of work/school. When I think about summer, I think about swimming pools and beaches, and since it was requested, I decided to list my essential products for taking with you to the beach.

I usually don’t wear makeup on beach days – I actually don’t wear makeup often, but let’s ignore that. I don’t like wearing makeup to the beach because I find it hard to combine makeup with sunscreen, and then you need to waterproof everything and you know sand is going to get everywhere so I’d rather not go through the hassle of putting on makeup. But nonetheless, there are some important things I ALWAYS have with me at the beach, and I will list them down below!


  • A sun hat. I really recommend this, but especially if you either burn easily, if you have your hair braided, or if your hair is a light color. I tend to get sunburnt on my scalp easily because I have white hair, so I always take a sun hat with me. It can be a big one, as pictured, or just a smaller one. Either way, I usually take a hat to protect my scalp from burning.
  • Sunscreen. Very important to protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun! I think we all know by now how important sunscreen is, so I always take a sunscreen for the body (at least factor 30, in California I take at least 50) and one for the face. The Avène sunscreen is very good for my face, but I sometimes prefer the colorescience one as it is a quicker way of putting on sunscreen and you can dust it in your hair as well, to prevent your scalp from getting sunburnt!
  • Sunglasses. I have to be honest with you, I never really liked wearing sunglasses, but I started wearing them sometime last year after buying my Quay Australia sunnies and I pretty much wear sunglasses every time the sun is shining now. It really makes such a difference and you won’t have to squint your eyes and will prevent early wrinkles! (The ones pictured are not by Quay Australia)
  • Water. So important. Drink lots of water when you’re in the sun (and also when you’re not in the sun). I had dehydration symptoms at disneyland a couple of years ago, and I swear it was the worst feeling ever so ever since I make sure to drink enough water, especially on warm and sunny days.
  • Polaroid camera. This is optional, but if you go with friends, it can always be nice to have some memories for later.


What are your beach day essentials? Let me know in the comments!



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