Bedtime beauty routine

If you follow me on here or on instagram, you may have seen that I have quite a few skincare products in my stash. Ever since getting into makeup, my skincare regimen has also stepped up a notch, and Leesa, an online mattress company, inspired me to share my bedtime beauty routine with you guys, so let’s take a look!


Step 1. Cleansing

1-7147If I have makeup on, I start my routine by using the Clinique Take the day off balm to get all my makeup off. I have reviewed it extensively here , but I’ll make a short summary for you. It takes off your makeup like it’s nothing, it even gets rid of liquid lipstick without any trouble, and is safe for use on the eyes. It also does not dry out my skin, which I really like since I already have very dry skin.

After this, I still clean my face (or first step when I have no makeup on). I like to use the tony moly foam cleanser. I got the Pokémon edition, but I’m pretty sure you can get it in normal editions as well. I really like this one because I feel like it does a thorough job of getting your face clean and again, does not dry out my skin.

If I plan on using a cleansing face mask, I do it after this and skip the glow tonic. If I use a hydrating mask, I will also do it after this step, but then also add some night cream when I remove it, or sometimes I prefer to leave the hydrating mask on overnight as well.

Step 2. Pixi glow tonic


After cleansing I put some Pixi glow tonic on a cotton pad and wipe it across my face. I try to incorporate this step into my skincare routine at least a couple of times a week, sometimes every evening if my skin is breaking out. This product is a must-have in your skincare bag. 




Step 3. Hydration 

1-7185As I mentioned above, I have very dry skin, so I use different products to get my skin hydrated. I start off by spritzing my face with a face mist. Pictured is the Yves Rocher face mist, but I like to use either one of the products pictured. I then pat it in, so my skin gets a first ‘layer’ of hydration.

Then I use the Vitamin E serum by The Body Shop. I am already on my second bottle of this, because I use and love it so much. It gives your skin a boost of hydration and you wake up the next day with super soft skin.


Lastly, I like to use a night cream. The one pictured is by natural self (website). However, I also really like my Oils of life sleeping cream by The Body Shop, which I reviewed here. Even if I use a hydrating mask, I will still use my nightcream to get that extra hydration boost.

Something I do not always do, only if I have some dry patches or cracked lips is to use the Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream on these dry patches or cracked lips. This product works wonders, and I reviewed it here.


What is your bedtime beauty routine? Let me know in the comments.



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7 thoughts on “Bedtime beauty routine

  1. hudapervez says:

    I love this routine, my night time skin care routine is pretty simple and I have really dry skin as well! Definitely want to try some of the products mentioned in this post! 💕

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