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Hello everyone! Even though I like and purchase most of my skincare/bodycare from those big international brands, it can be nice to sometimes look at more local brands and support them. In my case, there is this brand called ‘Natural self’. This brand has skincare (daycream, night cream, …) and bodycare (body butter, body scrub, …), has 100% natural ingredients, is vegan, cruelty-free and babyproof. It also does not contain any perfume or parabens. That’s pretty cool, right? Today I will be reviewing two of their products, namely the body butter and body scrub, so keep reading to find out my thoughts. 1-7092


Packaging + price

1-6439All of the products have the same packaging, namely a plastic bottle or pot, with the pink information sticker, and a pink wooden lid. It’s really simple yet really beautiful and elegant. Even the boxes these products come in are really pretty, and pink.

The price at first might seem a little bit high. However, you actually get quite a lot of product in these jars. The body scrub contains 330 grams and costs 42.65€, and the body butter contains 200 ml priced equally as the scrub. So, overall you get a pretty good deal. Plus, keep in mind that you are supporting local brands, which in current times is quite important as well.

A thing I also really like is that the jars are quite sturdy, so it won’t break and product won’t spill everywhere when you drop it – comes in handy when you’re quite clumsy like me…

The products (and others) can be bought here.



Before we go into more detail on both products, a thing I really like about this is that all these products have the same citrussy scent. This is really nice because I really dislike when you use a floral-scented body wash and then a coconut-scented body lotion and all because it just doesn’t fit together. All the products I’ve smelled from this range have the citrussy scent, which is really nice as it just makes everything fit together nicely.

Body scrub

This body scrub has a really nice texture. The scrubbing particles are the right size for me personally. Not too small, but also not as big as sugar scrubs. I also really like that this is different from all the coffee and sugar scrubs that have been flooding the stores lately. Don’t get me wrong, I like those, but this one uses Dead Sea salts, which is different from usual and I like them for it.

Other than that, something I also really like about this is that there is coconut oil, almond oil, argan oil and many other oils in this product. These leave a protective and hydrating film on your skin after scrubbing, not only making your skin feel soft but also hydrated.

Body butter

The body butter has a texture of body butter, what else could it be, right? It is really thick and has the same scent as the other products. I personally prefer lotion, as I prefer a more watery/runny texture, but nonetheless this is a good product. It gets into your skin fairly quickly, does not leave your skin feeling greasy or sticky after applying, which I really love because there’s nothing more annoying to me than your clothes sticking to your body. And it does a nice job hydrating your skin, so what else do you need?

Overall conclusion

I really like both the body scrub and body butter, and would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone I know. It might seem a bit expensive, but you are supporting the smaller (local) brands. On top of that, it is vegan, 100% natural, cruelty-free and baby-proof. I did already order new products from them to try out, and will review them as soon as I have been trying them out extensively.


Have you tried this brand, if so, what is your opinion? Let me know in the comments!



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