Dry shampoo comparison: which ones are worth spending on?

Dry shampoo has become an important part of my haircare routine and life in general over the past year. I had never actually used it before, but after buying my first dry shampoo I was hooked. Of course I have tried quite a couple of brands in the mean time, so I decided I would give my opinion on three different brands, and do a comparison. Keep reading to find out which ones I’ll find myself repurchasing in the future.


1. Schwarzkopf 


This dry shampoo used to be a favorite of mine for a long time. It is the cheapest of the 3 I believe at around 3€, but it contains less compared to the other two brands (150 vs 200ml). This one has a really fresh scent that is definitely not too overpowering. It works really well to freshen up your hair and get the grease, but I find that I have to spray 2 to 3 times on the same spot in my hair for it to really get all the grease out. (Yes I do massage it in).

The only downfall I’ve noticed until now is that you can not use it two days in a row. If you do so, the second day when you massage in the product, white stuff will fall out of your hair (I’m guessing it is what is left over of the product in your hair from the day before). This has happened to me on several occassions, so I tend to use this only one day.

All in all, I find that this is a really good dry shampoo.

2. Batiste

1-7642I originally purchased this dry shampoo because I heard so many people raving about it. It was a little more expensive at around 5.50€. I got the tropical coconut version of this. And I have to say, I do not like it one bit. The scent is really nice but so overwhelming. It’s all I will smell for the rest of the day and that’s not really what I want. On top of that, it doesn’t do anything for the grease in my hair. My hair will still be greasy, except now it smells like coconut.

One thing I really like about this though is that this product is vegan and cruelty-free.

I will not be repurchasing this, nor would I recommend it.

3. Colab


If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I have raved about this product a couple of times. I am actually already on my second bottle of this dry shampoo as it is currently my favorite out of the 3 mentioned brands. It smells really nice, with a scent that is not too overpowering but it will last all day making your hair smell really fresh. On top of that, you onlly need a little bit of product to get the greasiness out of your hair AND it gives your hair some extra volume. A nice bonus: it is also vegan and cruelty-free.

This one is priced between the other two, at approximately 5€ for 200ml.

Comparison of white residue

I thought it was also important to show you the white residue these dry shampoos leave on your hair, as it is especially important for those with darker hair. I know batiste actually has some dry shampoos for brown hair, but I have not tested that one as I do not have brown hair.

I darkened up the photo to make it obvious how much white residue is left by each spray. I held each one at approx. 20 cm from the paper and tried to spray an even amount of product (which is hard by the way).


You can clearly see batiste leaves behind the most white residue. It appears that Colab leaves behind quite some white residue as well, but it is scattered over a larger surface compared to schwarzkopf. Based on my experiences, Batiste leaves behind the most residue, then comes Schwarzkopf, and lastly Colab.


All in all, I would definitely recommend both the Schwarzkopf and Colab dry shampoos as these are really good in my opinion. Batiste is definitely not on my recommendation list as it does nothing for me personally and the scent is too strong and overpowering.


What are your favorite dry shampoos? Let me know in the comments.




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6 thoughts on “Dry shampoo comparison: which ones are worth spending on?

  1. angandmae says:

    Batiste is the only dry shampoo I use and have never had any problems. I like all the comparisons I’ve never heard of the other 2 before. Great post!

  2. sarahhanssens says:

    My favourite brand is Batiste. I’ve also tried the coconut version and that is also one that I will not repurchase. The purple spray bottle for more volume is my favourite from Batiste and I have already repurchased it multiple times. So what I’m trying to say is, it depends a bit on which version you are trying out.

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