Rituals: The Wonder Mask

I really love face masks, so it probably comes as no surprise that I have quite a collection of them, and it’s growing. A couple of months ago I came across a face mask by Rituals that looked really intriguing, since it was just a powder mask that you have to ‘make’ yourself. I was actually afraid to try it at first since I am allergic to some of their products, but I decided to go ahead and purchase it anyways. The name of the mask is The Wonder Mask and I will be reviewing this today.

Packaging + Price

There are a few things in the box when you purchase it, so it comes in quite a big box. Inside the box there is a big jar with the mask in powder form, a bowl to ‘make’ your mask in, and a brush to apply the mask.

There is 70 grams of powder in the big pot, and for the whole package you pay around 29.50€ so it is on the more expensive side in my opinion.



something I really like is that all the ingredients are pronounceable and that you can deduct what it is, even if you don’t know that particular ingredient. There is charcoal powder in there, kaolin (which is clay), citric acid, moroccan lava clay and a few other things, but you can see that these ingredients are pretty much straightforward. On top of that, it is stated on the jar that the mask is 100% natural.


1-7669I really like the fact that you have to ‘create’ the mask yourself. I usually take around 2 teaspoons of powder and 1 teaspoon of water and mix them. It starts bubbling when in contact with water, which is really cool. If you use more water you will get a more liquidy consistency of course. (They say to use only 1 teaspoon, but I find that it is not enough).

The mask itself is also very good. As I mentioned I was a bit scared since I had allergic reactions to Rituals’ products before, but this one does not give me a reaction. It works very well for purifying your skin, and making it soft. I notice that whenever I use it on spots, the next day they are almost gone, so it does a really good job.

The only downfall is that, as with many other clay masks, this dries out my skin. I’m guessing clay masks just aren’t really good for dry skin. However, I must say it dries out my skin, but way less in comparison with for example the L’Oréal clay mask (reviewed here). So, it does not bother me too much, it’s not too overly dry that it starts to pull.

Overall conclusion

1-5767I do really like this mask, as it does a very good job of cleansing your face and ridding it of any spots/impurities. It dries out your skin just a tad, but nothing a little moisturiser or serum cannot fix. On top, I really like that you have to ‘make’ your own mask, it just never gets old and I enjoy it every time. The price is a little bit of a bummer to me, and I don’t seem to find any refills on the website, which means you have to buy the full set every time you’ve ran out of powder, which I don’t think is necessary. (It might be that there are refills in the store, I’m not sure, I’ve only checked the website).


Have you tried this face mask? If so, what is your opinion on it?



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3 thoughts on “Rituals: The Wonder Mask

  1. loveyourself334 says:

    I’m going to try it. If you don’t mind, do you want to check out my blog?

  2. Phia says:

    I’m actually wearing the mask right now, searching online for refills and came up to your website! I really like it – it’s just as you described so good for your skin. It doesn’t dry out mine, but I generelly have a more fatty skin.

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