Dose of Colors x Desi x Katy collection

If you are familiar with some of the bigger influencers in the youtube and instagram beauty community, you have no doubt heard of Katy or Desi Perkins. I have been following both of them for a while now, as I love the content they create (and their friendship as well). They recently teamed up with Dose of Colors to launch a makeup collection including lipsticks, highlighters and eyeshadows. Even though I was on a spending ban, I did not hesitate to get a couple of lipsticks myself since I liked the collection and you know, I follow them religiously. Anyways, let’s take a closer look at what I purchased.

I got three of the lip products: the liquid lipstick Hot Fire, the lipgloss in Over The Top, and the lipstick in No Shade.


I love the nude packaging in combination with the golden details. It makes the products catch my eye when opening my lipstick drawer, and it just looks really luxurious as well. I am a little bit bummed that Hot Fire is not see through as Over The Top is, because that red just calls my name and I’d like to stare at it all day (is that weird??).


Hot Fire

Of all three this is definitely my favorite. I love flashy colors, especially in summer and this one is just perfect for me. I also really like the formula of the lipstick, as it does not dry out your lips but it dries down completely matte. It is not transferproof however, and it disappeared in the middle of my mouth a little with drinking (even just water). I do not find that a problem in particular, but I know some people like their lipstick to stay put. I also do have to mention that reapplying is no problem, as it will not get patchy, or crumbly at all.

Over the top

I usually don’t ever wear glosses because I feel like it just doesn’t suit me. However, it might just be because I’m not used to wearing glossy products. This one I had to get though because it just looked so pretty on both of them, and I liked the gold sparkles.

I have to say, for a woman that never wears glosses, that I have worn this a lot already. One thing I really like is that I feel you can choose yourself how glossy you want your lips to be. I prefer not too glossy so I just use a little bit of product and spread it evenly, but if you want to go in with a heavier hand, you can definitely make it more glossy.

Besides, this in combination with Hot Fire is just stunning (See right picture above). It gives you such a classy red lip, and I think I’ll be rocking the combo often.


No Shade

This was a bit of a bummer for me. I love love love the color, do not get me wrong. However, as I have quite fair skin, it just doesn’t look good. I’m hoping with a lip liner under it, it will be better because I just love this so much. The formula is great, doesn’t dry out your lips either, and it dries down matte.

35-1One thing I really like about the regular lipstick are the details on the cap.

Both of their names are engraved in it and the handwriting used (not sure if it’s their own) is really pretty. It is such a pretty detail but makes it a collector’s item if you like collecting (LE) makeup collections. This lipstick is my fave of the three because of this detail.



All in all, I would recommend all these lipsticks, except No Shade for lighter skintones. Nonetheless, all the colors are really pretty and if you just want to collect the range, definitely do so.


Did you buy anything from the collection? If so, what did you get?



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