The Body Shop lipscrub

Lately, lipscrubs seem to be all the rage. I didn’t even know something like that existed until a year ago or so when multiple bigger brands came on the market with lipscrubs with different tastes. At first I wasn’t convinced to try it, but then as I was doing some shopping in the Body Shop, there was a sale where it was 1+ 1-50% off I believe, so I decided to pick up two of these.

First impressions


The first thing that stood out to me when looking at the product was that it looked like a regular lipbalm, and did not come in a little pot as most other lipscrubs do. This also kind of scared me as it was around 10€ and I was scared that it would indeed be a regular lipbalm.

Another thing I noticed when removing the cap was the extreme minty scent. It kind of put me off the product to be honest, because I dislike putting minty lipsticks on my lips. Upon further investigation, there is peppermint oil in there, thus explaining the minty scent.

Last but not least, I did dislike that there was no booklet with ingredients anywhere. Of course the product is too small to come with a booklet, but they should advertise it somewhere in the stores, as I usually like to know what’s in my skincare before I buy it. (And I especially wanted to know what was in it now that caused the minty scent).


As I don’t want to bother you with a list of ingredients, I’m going to sum up a few of the ones I find most important:

  • 2-1Hydrogenated coconut oil. Listed as the first ingredient. It helps in hydrating your lips (and your hair).
  • Macadamia nut oil.
  • Sunscreen. For me personally, I don’t see why this should be in here. I do know that some people exfoliate their lips before putting on lipstick, but if I were to exfoliate in the morning, I’d be sure that my lips would be burnt within 5 seconds of going outside. Nonetheless, it’s good that it is included.
  • Peppermint oil
  • Limonene. According to this website, it is actually an irritating substance that has to be limited in cosmetics, so I’m not sure as to why they would put it in there.
  • Linalool. A possible allergant (again according to this website).

Even though these last two ingredients are only mentioned at the bottom of the ingredients list (thus only present in limited quantities), I’d rather not have them in the lipscrub if they are potentially harmful.*

*Note: My conclusion is only based on the information read on the website mentioned above. If the ingredient is present because of a specific reason, please do let me know.


DSC_8426-1Something I noticed so far is that the product does not contain many scrubbing particles. So most of it is lipbalm, with a little bit of scrubbing particles. And even then, these particles do not actually do their job very well in my opinion as they get the dead skin loose, but not loose enough to remove it. So I sometimes have to scrub for a while to get all dead skin loose, or there will be skin left behind which annoys me because who doesn’t bite loose skin on their lips, right? This excessive scrubbing also makes that sometimes my lips actually bleed because it takes so long to get the skin off. (I do try to sometimes try to remove the loose skin afterwards but it usually makes it worse and ends up making my lips bleed).

As you can see on the photo, after using the lipscrub my lips actually look way more chapped compared to before scrubbing, even with intense scrubbing and like mentioned the dead skin does not come off with this particular scrub.

I do feel like the peppermint oil plumps the lips and makes the blood rush, making your lips appear just a little bit bigger, or at least fuller. The coconut oil on the other hand, really hydrates your lips.



Technically, as it does contain some scrubbing particles it is a lipscrub. However, I personally feel like it’s more a lip balm with a plumping effect. I also do not think it is worth the price, as the product is something in between a lip balm and a lip scrub, and not really effective at either. All in all, I will not be repurchasing this.

Have you tried this lip scrub? If so, what’s your opinion on it?



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