Ardell brow pomade

The other day I was browsing Kruidvat as I had nothing better to do, and there was this new stand there which showed Ardell brow pomades. We all know Ardell from lashes, but I didn’t know they had brow pomades. Anyways, as my well-loved Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz is nearing its end, I decided to pick up the product in the color ‘blonde’ and see how it worked for me, as I have very light (almost not-visible) eyebrows.

Packaging + Price


One thing I immediately noticed is that both the brow pomade and a double-ended brush were included in the packaging, which I really like as I am really picky when it comes to eyebrow brushes, thus I’m always on the hunt for good brushes. One side you have an angled brush to fill in your brows and on the other hand you have a spoolie to comb through your brows. DSC_8487-1

The packaging of the pomade/spoolie are fairly simple, black with white letters, but for brow products it doesn’t need to be more than that I find. I did notice that the pomade is actually really light weight since it comes in a plastic, light-weight pot.


Pomade-wise, I can tell you a little goes a long way. I went in a little heavy-handed and I can tell you, this product is so pigmented that you don’t even need a lot of it. Especially when you’re like me and have really light eyebrows, you need to go in with a lighter hand as it looks pretty dark in my opinion on your eyebrows. This is also the biggest issue I have with this product. Because it is so dark it is not for everyday wear for me, unless I go out with a full face of makeup, as it just looks so unnatural without any other makeup on. (This is why I prefer brow pencils to pomades for me personally). The pictures below show the difference when using the pomade versus using nothing.

I am not the biggest fan of the brush. It is a good brush, but I like the hairs to be shorter because I feel that way I have more control over the brush and can more precisely draw on ‘hairs’. But that is just personal opinion, the brush in itself is fine.

Comparison with the Milani Brow Pomade

At first sight, I thought the Milani pomade (in Taupe) was a whole lot lighter than this one, but as I swatched them next to each other, I noticed that the Milani one is actually even darker than the Ardell one. However, the Milani one is ashier, so if you like a more cool-toned eyebrow, the Milani one will be your go-to.


Top: Ardell – Bottom: Milani

Brush-wise, I prefer the Milani brush as you can see on the photo that the hairs are shorter and I can thus more easily work with that brush. But again, that’s personal preference.DSC_8529-1

Comparing packaging, it is mostly the same, with the exception that the milani one is a little heavier as I think the packaging is glass, or at least a heavier plastic.


I like this product, but I would only use it for instagram photos or on days when I go out with a full face of makeup as it is quite dark and I like more natural brows for everyday occassions. Nonetheless, it is a good, and pigmented brow pomade and definitely worth trying if you prefer pomades over brow pencils.


Have you tried out this product? If so, what are your thoughts?



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