First impression: NYX powder puff lippies

Hey guys, long time no see! I just finished a whole semester of studying abroad, and you know, time flies when you’re having fun so I did not really have time to put into my blog. I just wanted to make sure I enjoyed my stay abroad and since I had the opportunity to check out some nice places while I was here, that’s what I did. But, I’m going home soon so you can expect more blogposts again from now on!

Anyways, I saw so many people get these new NYX powder puff lippies, and it looked so intriguing to me. I always love a good lippie, so of course I had to go and buy a few to test them out myself. I haven’t had the chance yet to give them a good test run so I opted for a first impressions of these new lipsticks, enjoy!DSC_0603-1

The packaging of the lippies is really nice, and the tubes are in the colors of the lipsticks which is really handy. It is a tube which dispenses the product onto the cushion top when you press the tube. I purchased the powder puff lippies in the colors best buds and moody. Best buds is a peachy nude, and moody is a darker mauve color.


I really like the applicator, it is really soft on the lips. The lipstick itself also feels silky smooth on the lips when applied. However, because of the round shape of the top, it can be quite hard to get the lips lined nicely and it is hard to apply it nicely in the corners I find. I do think that this can be fixed though, by just taking a lip brush and spreading the product where you want it, as the smooth formula allows you to.

The formula itself is really silky smooth and feels really soft. To me, it compares to a whipped liquid lipstick texture. It does not dry out my skin and layers really nicely on top of my lips, but it is important to exfoliate your lips first as dry skin will be accentuated because of the formula.



Overall, I really do like these lipsticks, except for the fact that application can be quite a hassle because of the round tip of the applicator. Nonetheless, I feel like they do not dry out my lips and the colors are really pretty. I will definitely put these to the test more as I play with make-up over the next couple of months.

Have you tried the new NYX powder puff lippies? If so, what do you think of them?



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