Hema Highlighting powders

Hey everyone! If you are from Belgium or the Netherlands, you definitely know Hema. If you are not, Hema is a retail store that pretty much sells everything non-food, ranging from socks and clothes to curtains and bed sheets. They also have some make up and beauty in their assortment, and overall they are really affordable, so it is no surprise many people love the store. When I passed by a couple of weeks ago, I saw that they added even more make up to their assortment compared to last time, and when I saw two new beautiful highlighters for 6€ a piece, I just could not resist them. To know more about these highlighting powders, keep on reading!


I was just sucked in by the packaging. It is lightweight so it does not really feel luxurious, but it just looks so sleek and clean. In my opinion the packaging looks really simple but also gorgeous and that is also the reason I got sucked into trying this product. They really scored on the packaging dimension in my opinion.


I have used the powders a few times during the holidays and I was actually really nicely surprised. I have two colors, starlight and moonlight. The first one is more pink, whereas the latter has a more yellow tone. I do have to admit that they are a bit powdery and the different colors do not really show up differently on my skin, so 1 color would be enough. The swatches, however, do show up more powdery than when you apply these powders with a brush, which I also recommend.



Top: Starlight – Bottom: Moonlight

If you love subtle highlighters, these are your go-to. They are just so nice for a nice subtle glow. They do mention on the back of the packaging, however, that you can make these more intense by wetting them before you apply them, but honestly, I have never tried it before and I am not sure if it would even work without moving your foundation or blush around. But, you can certainly try.

The wear-time if I remember was actually quite good. A bit wore off during the hours I wore it, but overall there was still some glow left after several hours.


So overall, I would recommend definitely checking out Hema in general, but if you need an affordable and subtle highlighter, definitely check out these. Hema also has a webshop in Belgium or the Netherlands, so you can try and find the product on there if it is not out of stock.


Have you tried any Hema make up or beauty? If so, what are your thoughts on it?



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