W7 Cosmetics: Shade & Swap

Hello babes! Today I will be talking about a superhandy makeup product that is for those of us that do not have a lot of brushes and need to use one brush for different colors, or for those of us that just need a quick clean in between make-up looks. I am not talking about a brush cleaner spray or soap, but about a ‘Color Swapper’ by w7 cosmetics, a sponge that allows you to quickly switch between different colors while using the same brush. Intrigued? Keep reading!

This product has been in my make-up stash for a while now, so I think it deserves a post!



I was a bit skeptic at first, because I felt like no sponge could ‘undo’ any color from your brush and I felt like the colors would still show through the other color you put on top. However, I soon noticed this was not the case at all. Even though the eyeshadow is still a bit visible on your brush, nothing comes off anymore. I really like it as I do sometimes use the same brush for different eyeshadow colors and when I want to use a lighter color, I just swirl my brush on the sponge and voilà, good as new!


I did not find any information on how to clean the sponge, and it does get a different color after using it multiple times, so I contacted the lovely people at w7 cosmetics, who are always so nice and helpful. They told me to just clean it with some soapy water and it should be good again. So there you go! If you didn’t know before, you know now.



This is definitely a must-have in your make-up stash, in my opinion. It makes switching between different colors easy and quick. As it is w7 cosmetics, it is very affordable as well!

Note: This handy sponge does not substitute for a good, deep cleaning your brushes need every once in a while, so keep using that brush soap as well.


Have you tried any similar ‘swapping’ sponges? If so, did you like them?



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4 thoughts on “W7 Cosmetics: Shade & Swap

  1. WeeklyLooks says:

    Honestly I only own two brushes so I’m constantly swapping between colours, I just wipe it on a makeup wipe between colours and it works fine

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