Natura Siberica: Caviar de Russie Age-Delay Deep cleansing Face Soap

Hello my skincare-loving babes! Face cleansing products are something so difficult to shop for, in my opinion, as they either dry out my face or they break the bank. So today I will share with you a face cleanser that does not belong to either category! Keep on reading.

I had heard of Natura Siberica before, and there is just something about their packaging that attracts me every time I come across this brand. As I had just run out of face soap, I decided it was now the time to buy this Caviar de Russie Age-delay deep cleansing face soap by Natura Siberica. I have been trying it for a couple of weeks now so I can share my thoughts with you.

Packaging & Price

Natura Siberica 4

The product comes in a white bottle with a pump – in store it is still in a white box – and if you shake it, it feels really liquidy. You can also hear the product splash when you shake it. The packaging is really minimal, there is not a lot of text on there and the ingredients are only mentioned on the paper box and not on the actual bottle itself. It is suitable for all skin types according to the bottle.

If I remember correctly I paid around 16€ for this which contains 175 ml (5.9 fluid oz.).


Natura Siberica 3

If I am completely honest with you guys, I have tested so many bad face cleansers that I just automatically assume that any face cleanser dries out your skin. However, this product definitely proved me wrong. I like to use this product because it does not dry out my face whatsoever and it does a great job cleansing my face. I have noticed a great improvement of my skin ever since I started using it. I break out less frequently and it has become less sensitive as well.

Natura Siberica 1

As I mentioned, you can hear liquid splashing when you shake the bottle. However, it comes out as a foam. If you then apply it to a wet face, it turns into a foamy face cleanser. Moreover, the scent has something spa-like to it. I literally feel like I am in the spa when I use this product.


Even though it is more expensive than most drugstore cleansers, this is definitely one that is worth paying a little more for. It does not dry out my skin, helps keep break outs at bay and is a little spa experience every time you use it. I would recommend and will repurchase.



Have you tried any Natura Siberica products?



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