Avène after-sun repair

Hello babes! With spring here (date-wise, not weather-wise I guess), and summer nearing I thought I would share one of my all time favorite after-sun products. I have used this many times when I was in Greece, and it is about time I share some details with you, so keep reading to know more!

The product I am talking about is the Eau Thermale Avène after-sun repair. As skincare after being out in the sun is suuuper important, I decided to buy this because I really love Avène products, and I hadn’t really found an after-sun lotion that worked well.

Packaging + Price

I have to be honest and say I don’t remember the price exactly, but going on what I find on the internet, I think it was around 14/15€ for 200ml. There are also different formats of the bottle, I also found 1l bottles, so depending on how much time you spent in the sun it might be worth looking at the different formats.


As far as the packaging goes, it comes in a bottle with a pump, which I really like because that way no product is wasted (like when for example if you have a pot, you might take too much product at once and then have to rinse off the excess, causing it to be wasted). And on top, it is more hygienic as you only touch that amount that is dispensed.


The product itself is marketed as ‘creamy gel’ and that is exactly what it is. It has a liquidy cream texture but it is also clearly a gel. It is non-sticky and non-greasy and gets into your skin super fast so your clothes will not stick to you after applying this. Moreover, it makes your skin feel supersoft after applying. The scent is typical Avène scent (I do not know how to describe it, but Avène products all have a similar scent in my opinion).

Of course this product is an after-sun product, so it is important to know how it works after being out in the sun. If you have a light sunburn, this product will help your skin heal within the day, and you will not have a red spot anymore afterwards. It helps when you have no sunburn at all also, to get your skin’s hydration levels on point again. Further, when you have a really bad sunburn, it also helps in cooling the skin and it helps speed up the process faster. Within 2 days your skin will be back to normal. Of course I highly recommend not getting sunburnt, but I guess we’ve all been there.


I would repurchase this product and I definitely would recommend it. It is one of my all-time favorite after-sun bodycare products. It works so well, is non-greasy and non-sticky and gets into the skin super fast.


Have you tried this Eau thermale Avène product? If so, what is your opinion?



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