Nip+Fab Glycolic Scrub Fix

Hello beauty babes! It’s been a while since my last blogpost. I’ve been so busy these last couple of weeks so that is why it has been quiet on both instagram and here. I do have an exciting read for you today, as I will be talking about one of my all-time favorite face scrubs today. So keep on reading if you want to know more about this product.

Packaging + Price


The product comes in a tube of 75 ml and is about 12€ on lookfantastic. You can also purchase it through the official Nip+Fab website, for the same price. The tube does not come in a cardboard box, so all the ingredients and the directions are on the back of the product, which I really like.

I do like the fact that it comes in a tube as you do not squeeze out too much of the product at once and it is just really hygienic.


I bought my first tube of this product over two years ago in the US and I immediately fell in love. The scrubbing particles are quite large, but I actually prefer this to smaller scrubbing particles where it sometimes does not even feel like you are scrubbing your face. It has a citrussy scent.

I also like that it is not just a regular facescrub, but it also has glycolic and salicylic acids in there and it is supposed to refine, brighten and renew your skin. I do feel like it does indeed renew your skin and blemishes are less visible the day after using this. Moreover, my skin is bright after use and most importantly, my skin will not become dry after using this, which is a problem with a lot of scrubs in my opinion. I do also use this on my lips sporadicly.

I have to mention that my face is sometimes a tad red after using the product as it can be quite hard to get all the particles off your face with a washcloth. That is why I recommend using this under the shower as you can just rinse away the particles really easily.



Overall, I would definitely recommend this if you are in need of a good facescrub. I did repurchase it once already and I definitely will repurchase in the future.


Have you tried any Nip+Fab products? If so, what are your thoughts?



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