The Body Shop Vitamin C: Glow boosting moisturiser

Hello babes! Another skincare item today on the blog for you guys. It seems like I’ve been loving The Body Shop a lot for these past months, and this is another product I’ve been using by them. I am talking about the Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser today, so keep reading if you are interested!

Packaging + Price

The moisturiser comes in a hard plastic jar, that contains 49g of the product (or 1.7oz), and if I remember correctly I paid 21€ for it in the store. I bought this because I ran out of moisturiser and it is advertised for dull, tired and grumpy skin, which describes my skin perfectly, especially when I am tired.

There is no paper box that the jar comes in, but all the instructions and ingredients are listed on the bottom. The jar itself is hard plastic, as mentioned, making it really sturdy and hard to break.


The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser 5-0459

The first thing you notice when opening the jar, is the scent. It has a lovely, but soft citrussy scent.

At first I was not the biggest fan of this product, for the simple reason that I had been having some trouble with extremely dry skin, and this was just not enough moisture. However, as soon as my skin turned back to normal to a little dry, I started using it more often and currently it is my go-to moisturiser. So, I would not use this moisturiser on itself if you have extremely dry skin.

The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser 1

The gel-like texture of the product is cooling on the skin and really wakes up your skin in the morning. The scent is there in the beginning, but it goes away pretty fast. It has a sticky texture. However, if you do not use too much of the product at once – just enough – the stickiness tends to disappear within a few minutes, leaving your skin hydrated and soft. This is an important thing I noticed. You have to start with a small amount of product and if needed at more. Less is definitely more for this moisturiser.

The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser 2

After application, I do notice that my face looks more glowy and hydrated than before. It keeps my face hydrated for the rest of the day, and it works perfectly under make-up as well due to its stickiness. (I do still always use a primer though)


The Body Shop Vitamin C moisturiser 4

If you have normal skin, this is definitely a moisturiser for you. It is not heavy on the skin and provides a nice amount of moisture. Moreover, a little can go a long way, so you can use this product for a long time before you even notice you have used up some product. Lastly, if you feel like your skin needs a ‘wake up’ in the morning, or it can use some glow, I recommend this moisturiser.


Have you tried this moisturiser? If so, what are your thoughts on it?



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