E.L.F. Hydrating bubble mask

Happy Sunday babes! Face masks are probably my favorite type of skincare products, so I do have quite a few of them. In my collection you can also find the Eyes Lips Face (or E.L.F.) hydrating bubble mask, which I picked up last summer when I was in the US. If you want to know more about this intriguing face mask, keep reading!

Packaging + Price


As there is no more BE/NL E.L.F. site, I cannot look up the price here, but I do remember paying 14$ for it in the US, which is quite expensive for the brand, and for a drugstore face mask. Nonetheless, I really wanted the product because a face mask that bubbles? That sounds intriguing!

The product comes in a plastic jar that contains 50g (1.69 oz) and it has a pump system, where you have to push the top down and then it dispenses product right there on the top, if you get what I mean. I am not sure what to think of this packaging. It’s fun, but I think I would still prefer either just a jar, or a pump that dispenses it onto your hand/brush.



I have found it very difficult since the first time I’ve tried it to get the mask divided evenly across my face. It starts bubbling quite fast, so you have to work really fast to get everything covered, and if you forgot a spot, you will have to go over it and in the process you will already get rid of some bubbles that have formed.

It is really fun when it starts bubbling and you look like a cloud. However, it itches so bad I have to remove it after a couple of minutes every time. I get that it is supposed to lightly itch because there is bubbles forming. However, I do not think that an unbearable itch should occur. (PS. I do not think I am allergic to the product, because there is no redness, bumps, itching or breakouts after using the product)


I also did not really notice the hydrating effect it is supposed to give you. However, when I applied it on the back of my hand to take photos of the bubbles, I did notice some residu was left behind after application, leaving my hand feeling soft and hydrated, so I guess it does something after all.



For me personally, this mask was a big no. I have not used it very often, because it itches really bad every time, and it doesn’t do anything. If I spend 14$ on a face mask, I expect it to have an effect on my skin. It is fun, but that is all there is to me.


Have you tried this product? If so, what is your opinion? Let me know!



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