Dry shampoo comparison: which ones are worth spending on?

Dry shampoo has become an important part of my haircare routine and life in general over the past year. I had never actually used it before, but after buying my first dry shampoo I was hooked. Of course I have tried quite a couple of brands in the mean time, so I decided I would give my opinion on three different brands, and do a comparison. Keep reading to find out which ones I’ll find myself repurchasing in the future.

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Natural self

Hello everyone! Even though I like and purchase most of my skincare/bodycare from those big international brands, it can be nice to sometimes look at more local brands and support them. In my case, there is this brand called ‘Natural self’. This brand has skincare (daycream, night cream, …) and bodycare (body butter, body scrub, …), has 100% natural ingredients, is vegan, cruelty-free and babyproof. It also does not contain any perfume or parabens. That’s pretty cool, right? Today I will be reviewing two of their products, namely the body butter and body scrub, so keep reading to find out my thoughts. 1-7092

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Product empties: part 1

Hey guys! First of all, I can’t believe I actually reached 500 followers on this blog. Thank you all so much for following me. Today I will be talking about some products I’ve recently used up and briefly give my opinion on them. I decided to divide the products into two posts, as I have a few products and I don’t want to make it super long, so this part is about haircare and makeup and the next one will be skincare. Anyways, let’s dive into it!

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L’Oréal colorista washout

Hey guys! Long time no see. I’ve had some really busy weeks and haven’t really had the time to blog or try out lots of products. I will try to get back to posting regularly ASAP but just bear with me for now.


I did recently get my hair redone. It was about time as my regrowth had reached uncontrollable levels. I not only decided to get an ombre, but also to ask my hairdresser if she wanted to put the L’Oréal colorista washout on my hair, as I trust her more with the product than myself and I was sure she would make it look good, no matter what. So I decided to tell you about my experience with the product!

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